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According to Surya Metzler, this is the true meaning behind being wealthy and successful

Surya Metzler's definition of wealth goes beyond the dollar sign, and he credits his two grandfathers for showing him that being "rich" exceeds what's in your bank account.

Through their actions, his grandparents began to plant the seeds in his young mind, from saving for the future to investing wisely. 

On his father's side, his grandfather was retired from a blue-collar job and living off a nice pension and 401(K) plan. Family was the number one priority, and Surya always felt loved and supported at his grandparents' home. They strived to make their space a place of comfort and security, and a place that Surya always felt welcomed and could be himself. He also witnessed how his grandfather respected his grandmother and how teamwork led to a long, successful relationship.

Meanwhile, on his mother's side of the family, his grandfather would wake up early to watch the stock market while on the phone with his broker. He gave Surya stock market certificates as birthday presents. He paid for Surya to attend the best private school in the area and always preached the importance of a good education. He resided in New York City and Miami, and when Surya would often visit, he would teach Surya money lessons. From budgeting to saving to understanding the market, Surya was introduced to a life he could have if he continued these practices.

While both grandparents led different lifestyles, each grandfather taught Surya essential life lessons about monetary wealth and wealth through wellbeing. He learned the importance of hard work and respect and the benefits that come from delayed gratification, continued savings, and investing in yourself and your relationships.

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At home, Surya’s mom also passed on valuable money lessons. He shared how his mother would give him money for school clothes, but instead of spending it all at the mall, he chose to buy the items he needed from a thrift store and save the rest of the cash.


"My mother has a sign that reads, 'I make myself rich by making my needs few.'" 

This mindset also carried him through college. Surya attended university while working 40 hours a week and graduating with zero student debt—and with $50,000 saved in his bank account. By understanding the value of hard work and saving for the future, he was able to leave college with a comfortable cash cushion.

After graduation, he began his career working for one of the largest financial planning firms in the United States. Within his first year, he was recognized as a top advisor and planner, designating him within the "Circle of Success." As his success continued, he was asked to train and mentor new advisors to provide top-level advice and service to clients. However, Surya realized that he wanted to do more for his clients, but he had to branch out independently if he wanted to do anything on his terms.  

This decision led to pulling out the lessons taught to him by his grandparents–and his mother. Surya and his wife worked together to plan his leap strategically. They reviewed their finances, set personal budgets to save money for the new business, and even worked with a financial planner to ensure they had the right plan in place to reach their future financial goals. Additionally, through this experience, he can lead his clients by example and help them navigate their path and achieve their financial goals and dreams.  

Now, with over a decade of experience, Surya continues to run and manage his firm, Newport Wealth Advisors, and finally gets to provide clients with truly personalized, expert advice–the way he wants. 

But his story doesn't end there because now he gets to pass down the money lessons he learned to his daughters. He wants them to understand the basic principles of saving and investing from a young age and carry those learnings forward so they too can be independent through financial freedom. 


"Finances can provide you freedom. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it can provide you with options and freedom."


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