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Emily Binder explains how to better connect with clients through emerging technology

Advisors have to wear so many hats. In addition to successfully planning and managing their client’s financial health and wealth, advisors have to run an entire marketing engine.

From managing social media accounts, creating content to pushing prospects through their marketing funnel, it's overwhelming. Many advisors ask, where do you start? According to Emily, you just have to start somewhere.

Emily Binder, the founder of WealthVoice, knows the pleasure and pain associated with starting in one place and ending in another. She was born and raised in Chicago and attended the University of Michigan to become a psychologist. On a whim after college, she moved to Atlanta and stumbled into a new role at an entertainment company as social media began to emerge. She flourished as a marketer and strengthened her expertise in an array of industries. These different experiences opened the door for her to do voice marketing, now the cutting edge of marketing tactics. 

Brand lives in the sub-conscience. We like brands that we may not be able to verbalize why. What do you feel about the brand? Social media was the first time that brands and people could express that over time and paint a picture, versus a 30 second spot.”

Voice marketing is another way to do that.

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Advisors miss the opportunity to introduce themselves to their potential clients if they’re not meeting people where they are. That’s why Emily founded WealthVoice, an empowerment platform for financial conversations. In addition to being a voice marketing strategist, she is also a consultant and emerging technology speaker.

I don’t just do voice marketing. I try everything. It’s important to keep your knife sharp on all these different channels.”

When prospects approach Emily about the potential success of emerging marketing channels, like voice marketing, she is just as transparent with them as she is with everything else.

When I hear, ‘What’s the ROI of voice marketing?’ or ‘The technology is too new, people don’t get it,’ I always compare it to social media.”  

This line of commentary on emerging technologies drives Emily to continue building her brand to solve her customers' challenges. She shares some key learnings for advisors from starting and building her own marketing business: 

Don’t assume you know what the problem is

Emily shared the lessons she learned in launching a company, and her most significant teachable moment was realizing her solution wasn’t actually solving the problem she thought people were facing.

Many times when you think of a solution, you’ve made an assumption on what the challenge is for others. When I started Wealth Voice, it was pretty presumptuous of me to think I knew what people wanted. I thought I was building an answer to that, but I wasn’t solving the right problem.”

She encourages entrepreneurs and advisors to understand what challenges they’re solving by talking to their audience and understanding what benefits they can provide with their solutions. She warns against pushing your features when people are looking for benefits.

Features vs. benefits: What’s the difference?

If you’re not a product marketer, it can be easy to blur features and benefits. But the reality is, the two are so different and need to be clearly defined to market your product. While features are typically easier to convey to your audience, it’s the benefits that sell. As Emily says, “benefits are what hit people in the heart, not the brain.”

How do you discern the difference between features and benefits? Emily dives into features vs. benefits and shares a side-by-side comparison of the two pertaining to voice marketing. 

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The best way to understand your product’s unique benefits is to survey your customers. Talk to happy customers about why they continue to choose your product and what it means to them. Use these insights to craft your benefits and also drive your development road map. It’s a win-win for your conversion rate!


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