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3 traits all great financial advisors have in common

As the year winds down, it’s a good time to do some reflection — about your personal as well as your professional goals.

Do you have the right mindset to reach your goals? What are you planning to do to continue growing towards them?

Todd Resnick, the president and co-founder of One Seven, joins me on the latest episode of Grow to discuss what characteristics successful financial planners have in common, how to practice being intentional, and ways to chart your personal journey towards your goals.

Todd has significantly grown his RIA in the past four years and trains high-performing advisors, so he knows a thing or two about what financial planners need to do in order to be above their competitors. 

Let’s start with the key characteristics financial planners should have in order to be successful. 


1. Put clients above anything else

It’s not enough to just show up; great financial planners are present. That means going the extra mile to not only hear what your clients are saying but to actually listen and engage with them. Understand their unique situations and what the outcomes can mean for them.

Especially in these unprecedented times, the advisors that are committed to and focused on growing alongside their clients, are the ones that are able to adapt to all the changes in today’s environment.


2. Transfer the confidence you have in your philosophy to your clients

Clients typically match your energy — meaning how you show up is how your clients show up. Your tone, attitude, and mindset matter more than ever when it comes to building your ideal book of business.

For example, if you’re present and thoughtful in the way you speak and act, clients, in turn, behave the same way. On the contrary, if you’re high strung and stressed, your clients will reflect that back to you.

This is why it’s important to stress test your messaging and client experience to understand how you’re truly presenting yourself. Then make tweaks as you see fit. Being mindful allows you to better serve your current and future clients.

Todd recommends removing mental clutter by meditating, taking walks, or just getting out in nature. This can leave you with more creativity, greater aptitude for thinking, and enhanced ability to stay in the present. For advisors, having a clear, balanced, and focused mind can be a tremendous asset.  


3. Always be growing

How can you achieve better results tomorrow than you are currently experiencing today? How can you reach your ideal work-life balance? Not simply by setting goals, but by developing an intentional plan of growth.

When you implement a holistic strategy to work towards your goals, you can strategically grow into who you need to be in order to achieve greater results. Whether it's increasing your firm's AUM or scaling your team of advisors, achieving these goals requires a growth mindset.

And when you commit to growth — personally or professionally — you’ll always find new ways to do things better.

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So what does caring for your clients look like in actual practice?

Oftentimes you may think you are passionate about the business, but unfortunately, it’s not translated into your practice. So what tangible things can you do to show you care?

Here are a few ideas that Todd has had first-hand experience with:

1. Send a care package to clients - this idea is especially timely in a pandemic, but can also be used to show you care on holidays you know your client celebrates, birthdays, or anniversaries.

2. Deliver an unexpected treat - whether it’s a curbside drop-off or a shipment, sending a sweet treat or a thoughtful gift can be a nice way to say “I’m thinking about you.”

3. Create new ways to present yourself to your community - take the extra time to support your network and clients without an associated marketing campaign. Showing up for your clients and being present during the hard times, just as you are during the good times, will allow you to build a true relationship.

By taking incremental steps towards your goals every single day, your path to reaching your professional growth will become more attainable and it'll be easier to achieve each goal on your road to success.

At the end of the day, you have to love what you do in order to truly be happy in work and life. Passion energizes you, and vice versa, giving you more fuel to put towards success. And the mindset you choose to take on is very important for your journey.

About Grow

Grow by Altruist is a show dedicated to bringing business growth advice to advisors, by advisors. I'm your host Dasarte Yarnway and each week I sit down with industry professionals as they share their best ideas around attracting new prospects, building a successful firm, and keeping clients happy. Watch more episodes here.

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